About us

The Blocksford Brickopore sequencer is designed as an engagement tool to explain how DNA sequencing technology works and to explore concepts in genomics and bioscience.

It was designed by two scientists from the Earlham Institute to support our public engagement activities, but has since been copied (with our blessing!) and we are now actively encouraging others to build their own by releasing the designs and software.

Our founders

Chief Technology Officer: Richard Leggett

In his spare time, Richard is Technology Algorithms Group Leader at Earlham Institute.

Chief Scientific Officer: Iain Macaulay

Iain is also Technical Development Group Leader at Earlham Institute.

The founders are extremely grateful to the many employees of Blocksford Brickopore who have helped promote and demonstrate our products to the public! There are a lot of you, but special mention must go to Pete Bickerton, James Lipscombe and Will Nash. Thanks also to Ned Peel, Emma Langan and Samuel Martin for their work on the Mk2 production line!